Mole removal services
in Cornwall

Do you need mole removal services for your home or land? Contact North Cornwall Pest Solutions. We can fulfil all your requirements.

Traditional and modern mole removal techniques

At North Cornwall Pest Solutions, we use both traditional and modern techniques for mole removal. We understand that moles are some of the biggest pests around. They can ruin your grass, crops and plants by burrowing under the ground. We provide prompt and effective mole removal and infestation control.

Mole traps and gassing compounds

North Cornwall Pest Solutions can provide a range of mole traps including barrel and Talpex traps. We can also provide a gassing compound, aluminium phosphide. Call our staff for more details.

We also provide ant removal control services.

We can help protect:

  • Turfs
  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Fairways
  • Agricultural land

    North Cornwall Pest Solutions holds an RSPH Level 2 Award in Using Aluminium Phosphide Safely for the Management of Vertebrate Pests which allows us to safely take care of your mole problems.

  • North Cornwall Pest Solutions provides mole removal services in Cornwall. For details, call us on 07770 677 029